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Activities & Achievements

Religious Leaders for Fairness was founded in July 1992 to represent religious communities which support full human rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) persons.
  • Supports the Louisville Fairness Campaign
  • Lobbies public officials for Fairness legislation
  • Monitors actions of religious denominations relative to the inclusion of GLBT persons
  • Organized Network of Gay Religious Groups
  • Works to build an inter-faith Fairness-supportive community
  • Supports Seminarians for Lesbian and Gay Ordination at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • Provides counselors and liturgical resources for commitment ceremonines
  • Develops and distributes pastoral care for religious leaders and GLBT persons
  • Identifies and recommends Fairness-friendly congregations
  • Co-sponsored educational events with Dr. Carter Heyward, Dr. Jane Spahr and the musical drama "Home"
  • Leads ecumenical worship services and prayer vigils
  • Provides educational programs and resources for individuals and congregations
  • Participates in Gay Pride Week, March for Justice, National Coming Out Day, AlderWatch
  • Received Stonewall Award "1994 Organization of the Year"

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