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Friendly Places of Worship

A number of congregations in Louisville and some around the state of Kentucky have taken formal actions to welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons into their life and mission. These include the following:

Central Presbyterian Church
318 West Kentucky
(502) 587-6935
The Rev. Ann Deibert

Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church
142 Crescent Avenue
(502) 893-5381
Katherine Griswold, Stated Clerk

Epiphany Church (Catholic)
914 Old Harrods Creed Road (502) 245-9733
Father Cas Wolpert

First Unitarian Church
809 South Fourth Street
(502) 585-5110
The Rev. Richard Beal
The Rev. Cathy Leary

Grace & Glory Lutheran Church
12416 West Highway 42
(502) 228-0650
The Rev. Deborah Conrad

Jeff Street Baptist Community at Liberty
800 East Liberty Street
(502) 585-3787
The Rev. Cindy Weber

Metropolitan Community Church Elizabethtown
104 Strawberry Alley
(800) 484-8498, ext. 1767
The Rev. Cathy Porter

Metropolitan Community Church Lexington
387 Waller Avenue
(606) 271-1407
The Rev. B. Rex Van Alstine

Metropolitan Community Church Louisville
1432 Highlands Boulevard
(502) 587-6225
The Rev. Dee Dale

Metropolitan Community Church of Paducah
626B Broadway
(502) 441-2330
The Rev. Donna Bruner

Third Lutheran Church
1864 Frankfort Avenue
(502) 896-6383
The Rev. Phil Garber

Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington
3564 Clays Mills Road
(606) 223-1448
The Rev. Kelly Flood

Zion United Church of Christ
Henderson, Kentucky
(502) 826-0605
The Rev. Ben Guess

Other communities of faith regularly welcome members of the lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered community and our allies into their life and mission. These congregations include:

Calvary Episcopal Church
821 South 4th Street
(502) 587-6011
The Rev. E. Benjamin Sanders

Calvary Lutheran Church
1838 Bardstown Road
(502) 452-2221
The Rev. Paul Mullins

Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal)
421 South Second Street
(502) 587-1354

St. William Catholic Church
13th & Oak Streets
(502) 635-6307
Father Joe Stolz

Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church
4938 Old Brownsboro Road
(502) 425-6943
The Rev. Elwood Sturtevant

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